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From the Midwest to Guatemala and Back, a Life Spent Writing

I’ve lived a lifetime in Words.

I’ve taught high school English in Wisconsin, written a novel in Guatemala, and as a present-day suburban Chicagoan, writing Copy and Content. My life has been a journey led by pen and imagination.

We rarely can predict how we’ll get to where we are. But writing has always been near and dear to my heart. It’s where magic always seems to happen, it’s the place where belonging is believable.

No matter the genre, there’s a mystery at work as I scribble notes on a legal pad, as I’m roughing paragraphs on a computer, moving this sentence here and that phrase there, until hours later, days, months and years later, the finished form emerges.

And then, the delight of looking upon it, wondering how it all came together.

That’s the magic, the power of writing. I love it in all of its forms, and I look forward to seeing its happen for you.

A Team of One, Powered by Many

By now, you know there’s just one of me. But it took many to help me get where I am. “Many” begins with my wife, Barbara, who gave me time and space to write. And my family– Justin, Angela, Aly, Wren, and Mila. These were the push, the belief, the encouragement to move ahead, and do what others had done so brilliantly.

I’m still working on brilliant.

Writing has one simple rule for success– keep writing. And that rule is powered by believing you’re better than you actually are. It’s the only way you’ll become as great as you were meant to be.

Well, that, and the gentle push of others. Others, like Kelly O’Connor McNees, my fiction editor; like Pat Blakely, Robert Van Tongeren and Marsha Stopa at Smart Blogger; like Mark Ford, Heather Robson and Nick Usborne at American Writers and Artists Institute; like Heather Lloyd Martin at SEO Content Institute. These, like my family, giving me what I needed when I needed to hear it most.

Stay with it, I was told, and the day will arrive when you actually ARE better than you think.

Writing is a Journey, as Christopher Vogler has often said. There’s always a village to get to, and Oz is just a promise.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether you’re a client in waiting, or a writer who’d like to join me, here’s hoping we have a chance to work together. And if you’ve got the time, I’ll be happy to share my journey with you.

James Edward Smurawa

Founder, Creative Director, Manager, Everything Else

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