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The tab folder below highlights articles written for three very different websites–

  • (Christine Ryan, a Life Coach in Sedona, Arizona)
  • (a Digital Marketing and education website)
  • (a Harley Davidson lifestyle site)

These posts represent the following article styles–

  • Informational Post– (“How-to…”, “Listicles” & Ultimate Guides)
  • Feature Post– (Product introductions, People or Companies)
  • Affiliate Post– (i.e. a “Top-10” product roundup with affiliate links)
  • Review Post– (Single-product overviews or side-by-side comparisons)

Life Coach Website (Content Strategist/ Writer/ Editor)

Keyword Cluster/Target: Spiritual Awakening/What is a spiritual awakening?

Digital Marketing Website (Writer)

Keyword Cluster/Target: Copywriting/UX Copywriting

Life Coach Website (Content Strategist/ Writer/ Editor)

Keyword Cluster/Target: Spiritual Awakening/Signs of Spritual Awakening

Digital Marketing Website (Content Strategist/ Editor)

clear copy portfolio

Keyword Cluster/Target: copywriting/ copywriting books

Top Google Search Rank: Page 1, # 1 (Featured Snippet)

Digital Marketing Website (Content Strategist/ Writer)

clearcopyonline portfolio

Keyword Cluster/ Target: copywriting/ direct response copywriting

Digital Marketing Website (Writer)

clear copy portfolio

Keyword Cluster/ Target: Literary Devices/ Cumulative Sentences

Top Google Search Rank: Page 1, # 3

Every Harley Davidson rider follows a predictable evolution–buy bike, customize, repeat.

So it was natural that aftermarket parts and accessory reviews would be among many Harley topics featured when launched their site.

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Enjoy the article.

Keyword Cluster: Custom Dynamics; Harley Davidson Headlight

Affiliate posts are fun, and when done right, they can produce some nice passive income streams. But, you need to do it right. Google hates articles that offer scant helpful content and is loaded with Affiliate links. And this is where an experienced content marketer can help you do well and stay out of trouble.

We’ll make sure your affiliate posts are well-researched and written right so there isn’t a sniff of thin content. Check this post out to see how it should look.

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Keyword Cluster: Harley Davidson Headlight; Daymaker Headlight

One of’s inaugural “First Look” reviews featured Ciro 3D’s Latitude Taillight accent lighting system.

The Latitude Taillight system is pretty cool, and the post, as you’ll see, offers a hybrid (Informational and Affiliate Marketing) treatment of an innovative aftermarket product.

Enjoy the article, and when you’re ready to rock and roll, we are too. Let’s talk soon.

Clear copy portfolio
Keyword Cluster: Custom Dynamics; LED Accent Lighting

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