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Our Goal? Deliver On Our Promise

No matter your message, our promise is to help you get heard.

Explore our services in the boxes below, and the FAQs that follow give insights on how we deliver for our clients. Any other questions, do reach out to us.

What Others Are Saying

One of the nice things about the people we work with is hearing what they have to say about us. Social proof is powerful, and we hope the following testimonials help you feel good about working with us.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim on multiple projects. And in each case, he delivered big! His wealth of knowledge and experience shines like the North Star in every bit of content he strategizes and produces.

Now, if I were to sum up Jim in a single word, it would be “wisdom” because, with him, you’re not simply getting a piece of content, but a thought-provoking conversation that challenges, educates, and inspires.
Pat Blakely
Jim is a great writer and an even greater guy to work with. He’s always open to feedback and will do what’s necessary to get an article into the best shape he can. He has grit, knows what he’s doing and you’ll be glad you’ve picked him. 
Robert van Tongeren
I’m a Life Coach. I blog on topics related to my practice. And I can safely say Jim Smurawa has been indispensable in getting my blog up to the standards I want.

Jim helps me choose topics that not only reflect my expertise, but give me the best chance of competing in my niche.
His content briefs lay everything out so clearly. When I give him the go-ahead, I know exactly what to expect.

Jim is really easy to work with. He patiently explains things in ways that are easy to understand, and his written communications are thorough. I can honestly say I know so much more about content marketing for having worked with him.

Whatever your needs might be, I highly recommend you speak with Jim. You’ll be happy you did.
Christine Ryan
Life Coach
We had the pleasure of working with Jim as an Associate Editor at
Smart Blogger, a writer’s blog with a worldwide reach of over 4 million readers.

Jim worked on our content team, developing content strategy for individual posts, drafting briefs, and editing the work of freelance writers.

We thought he did a brilliant job at editing and SEO strategy. In fact, one of many content briefs Jim wrote for us resulted in this Google Page 1 post–
Jim guided the post from the ideation stage all the way to editing and publication, and he did an excellent job working with the writers assigned to him.

He’s also a talented writer in his own right. Jim has authored multiple posts for us (and we’re inviting him back for more). Here are just two of them:

I’d be happy to work with Jim again. I spoke with the other members of our content team, and they felt the same way. I believe he would make a great addition to any team.
Jon Morrow

Frequently Asked Questions

The Q & A that follows cover concerns often shared by our clients. If you have something specific to discuss, feel free to reach out to us.

You’re not alone. In fact, our clients’ needs often fall under more than one menu item. That’s why, during our initial visit, we spend a lot of time exploring what you need help with now, and how things will change as you grow. From there, we’ll customize a plan uniquely suited to helping you get there.

Certainly. Our initial visit is about discovering your needs. We’ll ask questions, listen, and clarify our understanding of what you’re looking for. No presentations, no closing. We’ll exchange pleasantries, part ways, and if you consented to it, we’ll prepare a written proposal for the project. The proposal will contain—

  • A restatement of your goals.
  • A summary description of the work we’ll be doing for you.
  • A stage-by-stage timeline–with deadline or deadlines–for the completion of the project.
  • A list of information, data and any other materials we need from you.
  • An itemized fee schedule.

This will come to you by email, within 3 to 4 days of our initial visit. An appropriate amount of time will be given for you to study and approve the proposal, initials and signatures will be collected by e-signature, and the deposit will be made payable.

Our fees are variable, based on the unique work we’ll be doing on your project. Each project is different– a Cafe site is very different from an Artist’s site, which differs considerably from an eCommerce site– which means the time required will vary, and thus will the fees we propose for your project.

When we visit, we’ll discuss your needs and put together a proposal for services that you can study, and approve.

We understand how this might be frustrating.

Our philosophy is this– we don’t package plans because we don’t package clients. You’re unique, your needs are unique, and quite frankly, it’s not until we actually meet that those needs become clear. You might come in here, say, as a Contract Content client and, after talking, we might both agree our Full Service Content Marketing is a better fit. You may come in as a web copy client, and leave with plans for a whole redesign.

So, let’s talk.

The team is me, Jim Smurawa. And yes, things are pretty busy here.

That said, if and when services requested require additional freelance staffing, I am well-positioned to contract that work to talented, trusted professionals who function under my supervision.

In all such instances, I bear full responsibility for delivering the quality work promised to meet your expectations and agreed-upon deadlines.

The proposal that’s sent to you after our initial meeting includes a description of your project and a time frame for its completion. That time frame, along with all other considerations, is subject to your approval. When approval is given, and your deposit is received, the project deadline is activated and we will begin our work.

In those instances where time is of the essence, it may or may not be possible to move your project ahead of those we’ve already committed to. If this is possible, we would include an expediting fee with the proposal. As with any of your goals and concerns, this can and should be voiced in our initial visit.

Life is extremely busy, for everyone.

That said, we’ll be forthright about our availability and set realistic deadlines accordingly. We only set deadlines we can meet.

If the client misses deadlines, we work with them, and merely move the project deadline back in like time. But, communication channels do need to be open so your project can be delivered on time. If for any reason you’re not able to meet a deadline– or provide items as needed for us to do your work– we ask that you communicate this by email.

Prompt responses to queries and requests for additional information is essential. Along with that, where an unforeseen issue arises and a direct call will iron out the problem, your prompt response is important. Any delays of more than 48 hours to such requests will necessitate a matching extension of the project deadline.

We look forward to an excellent relationship with every prospective client who visits with us. Punctuality and clear communication are invaluable assets in this regard.

Retaining the services of Clear Copy Online occurs upon the receipt of both an e-signed copy of the proposal and an invoiced deposit, as stated in the proposal.

We follow the best practices for our profession in this regard.

Once the proposal is agreed upon and e-signed, we will invoice the client for an amount equal to one half of the total fee. Upon the on-time delivery of the project, we will invoice the second half of the total fee.

Payment is due upon invoice and can be made by any method accepted by PayPal, our invoicing platform.

We typically do not, though there may be instances where we may negotiate a project payment in more than the normal two-payment approach. We do not finance work.

Ready to Be Heard?

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